Blog Carousel . Food Love

Are your weeks zipping by as fast as mine?! I seriously cannot believe that Halloween is here & November is right on its coat tails. (Is it really 8 weeks until Christmas?!!!) On that note, it is time for another Blog Carousel! This month's theme was "Food Love" ~ for anyone who is new at this point, the Blog Carousel is a circle of select professional photographers who are participating in a monthly photo challenge through our blogs. At the end of this post you can click-through to see the next photographer & their work. It is so incredible to be a part of this wonderful professional group that includes photographers who have been published locally & nationally, photographers who run their own retreats and are amazing teachers and even photographers who have nationally been recognized at major events where they live. It's really an honor to be able to share & grow with them. If you are a reader who would like to participate, feel free to show off your own interpretation of this theme! Leave a comment below & link back to your blog. And even if you aren't into photography but like to look at photography :) I hope you'll take a minute to leave a comment & tell me what you think.

Food Love was definitely new territory for me. But I'd like to say this: for 20-30 minutes (I'm not really sure how long it was, just a guess) I was completely lost. Completely engulfed in creating & being creative. I enjoyed this theme more than I ever thought I would. Take a peek.

Next up is Julie Tauro, Kitchener Waterloo children and family photographer ~ I can't wait to see what she did!