This thing called a pup tent. (aka: how to build a pup tent)

  A few months ago now, I came to my hubs with this wild idea. It's this thing called a pup tent. Will you make me one? My friend Amie built one. Here are some directions.  -- Yes. It really did go down something like that. haha.

The directions were okay, but not stellar. Especially if you are not super familiar with building materials in general. (ETA: those were not my friend's directions, just links that she had passed on that had the closest thing to it.) So let me break down what we did and give you our own 1-2-3 on how to build a pup tent. I had mine in mind for two specific reasons: 1) for a few photo shoots coming up where I thought they would be fun to incorporate into the session and 2) for my own kids at home. To have their own little "me" space to read, listen to music, do a puzzle - anything really. (I like the idea of having them come out for quiet time.)

So in just a few simple steps ... how to build your very own pup tent.

What you'll need (to make one)

  • (1) - 3/4" PVC pipe 5 ft long
  • (2) - 3/4" PVC end caps
  • (2) - 8 ft long  1x3 cut to 3'10" pieces (4 of them)
  • (2) - 6 ft 1x3 cut to 5' for base
  • a target table cloth - yes, I am being that specific here because this is what I've found: twin sheets work okay, but are not "the perfect fit" for this project. They are doable, but seriously, I found a Target brand table cloth (at Value Village none-the-less) that was not only cute & affordable, but perfect in fabric goodness. I just can't say the same about twin sheets.
  • we tripled this & built all 3 at once


Now what?

  1. Drill holes 4.5-5" down (the 3'10" pieces) for PVC pipe to slide through.
  2. Drill the 3'10" pieces to the ends of the 5' bases.
  3. Slide PVC pipe through the holes to create the A frame & cap ends.
  4. Drape long table cloth or twin bed sheet (should measure at least 82"x60") over the frame.
  5. Staple gun to base.


voila. This is a rough sketch based on what my dad & my husband put together ... definitely use this as a starting point for you, but measure twice cut once ;) as the saying goes.



Given that these were built in the first few days of August ... I guess it's about time they made a blog appearance ;)

Now ... please tell me someone is going to make one! :)