Now or Never. Summer is drifting away ...

Yes, this shot really happened here.



A field of dreams. Yellow, gold & green dreams. Almost everyone I know feels like we missed some of summer this year. I guess it must be at least somewhat true when a local farmer tells me that yes, for two summers in a row we've had a bad tomato season. ("Not enough sunshine." he said, "We've had beautiful springs & then rainy, cool summers now for two years in a row now.")

There's still time though, right? To sneak in a little more sunshine? Can we still hang on to summer just a little longer with that shot there?

... some of us are trying ;)



I am polishing off the fall & winter calendar. Yup. The rest of 2012. If you want in, contact me now so I can see if there is room. Otherwise you can send me an email & I can add you to the wait-list if something were to open up. No guarantees though. My clients are pretty serious about their fall play dates with me ;)


Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!