My Inspiration. Blog Carousel

Our theme this month invited us to share what (or who) inspires us, from concept to completion, what gives us the drive to pick up our cameras and shoot. Where do ideas come from? Where does the drive to create live? I currently have close to 4500 images in my personal catalog just from this year. My family, my kids, definitely inspire me. I learn so much from them every day. Also, the loss of family & friends. I wouldn't use the word "inspire", I would instead say that it pushes me. It pushes me to do better & be better and photograph more. To remember more.


I pick up the camera to capture moments like this


For you ... and for me. For my family ... but also ... for yours.


*Did you see the feather in his hand? I live for these real moments: laughter, soaking in the love and a found object treated with tenderness & care.

I am so excited to see what Dena has to share with us on what inspires her. Fun Photographer Fact? One of Dena's bff's is a photographer I've become good friends with & who initially inspired me ... so I feel like I have that whole "six degrees" thing going with her ;)

Enjoy the carousel! Let me know in the comments ... what inspires you?