down to earth, outdoorsy ... and happiest when we are together .

I photographed this incredible family back in June in the great Alaskan outdoors. Clover (their mom) & I brainstormed a few ideas ... but the more she told me about their home, & how much they loved being at home together, the more that was the only place we could envision their session. And I feel so lucky it worked out this way! Being at home provided a nice scenic backdrop of indoor-outdoor 'locations' for our session and time together. Aside from the natural beauty & variety it provided, it gave the kids a chance to be comfortable and relaxed. I was able to get to know Reed & Marin just by walking around their woodsy yard and hearing about their "secret hide-outs" and "my special collection" (of miniature pine cones might I add). They are two little girls that you can't help but meet & smile with as they enthusiastically share stories and ideas. And I knew they were extra special when, upon meeting their dad & chatting with him about their house and the restrictions of his job, I commented how much they must miss him while he is away, to which he replied, "yeah, but I miss them the most when I am gone." Mom described her family as down to earth, outdoorsy & happiest when they are all together ... I think that pretty much sums them up ... that description ... and these visuals of their family through my eyes.

Clover promised to send me snapshots of their artwork hung in their home ... I can't wait to show you guys! I have no doubt their girls are going to love growing up with such fun memories on their walls.