Claudia's Prompt - What's Working?

  I read Claudia's prompt recently (okay, months ago now since she wrote it in APRIL!!!)  (  & thought that's really cool, I'd love to participate in that. And then life happened (aka running your own business & having 4 kids under six) and I totally forgot about it until this moment.


So I'm attempting a combined post of "what's working" and "what piece of advice..." I would give (about mothering, working from home, heck, who knows!).  Maybe we'll spin it further & turn it into a Q&A session. You can leave me a comment about that.

  1. You can do anything you want to do. When you put your heart, mind & soul up to it - "it" delivers. Crazy, but true.
  2. That phrase, "time will pass anyway" is true. If you want to do something, make a plan & make it happen. Why put it off? Time will pass anyway.
  3. Toddlers, preschoolers & kindergarteners are most likely to eat a) whatever you are eating or b)anything you are eating that you've said is only yours & is yucky and only for mommy. The answer is a & b. Promise.
  4. Sunshine at 8:30pm is only rivaled by sunshine at 11pm. If you have never lived in this world, you have to try it at least once.
  5. Tea makes almost everything better.
  6. So does Thai take-out on a Friday night.
  7. How do I take four kids under the age of six (formerly five) to the grocery store (or any store) with me? The answer: I try not to! And if we have to, it's very much like thee old "stick'a-butta" list from Sesame Street. We try to remember just a couple of things & get in & out - in 45 minutes. (Or an hour and a half, truth be told.)
  8. Yes, that's a quick trip for us.
  9. Drink life with your glass half-full (or even fuller when possible). I promise it tastes so much better when you do.
  10. Having 10 month* old twins is SO.MUCH.EASIER than having newborn twins. Promise. It only gets easier. Somewhere around 5-6 months you can feel it. (*ETA clearly I started the list several months ago. That should also tell you something about having twins. ;) ha.)
  11. I don't have much money, but if I did, I'd buy a big house where ... we both could live. Songs are meant to be sung. And lived & breathed. Dance in the kitchen with  your babies. It will become one of their favorite things to do.
  12. Every child is different. I've had one that didn't "sleep through the night" until well after 14 months, others at 7 weeks. I had one that started signing before 6 months and others that could say their name by 10 months & 13 months. Do not be worried if your child isn't doing this or didn't do that until xyz. Children grow at their own pace.
  13. Surround yourself with kind people.
  14. And for every person who is unkind, try to remember the strangers that extended more unexpected kindness than you could have imagined. I can think of two of those right now: one gentlemen who came up to me after a very, very long flight with two squirming children & said, "you did a great job. They did so well on the plane." I almost cried right then. That gentlemen will never know the mommy-boost he gave me in that moment. Or maybe he could sense that I needed it. Another was more recent, at the grocery store, a grandma-figure said what it often heard, "Oh my, you have your hands full" but without missing a beat followed it with, "and you are so very blessed, aren't you" why yes I am.
  15. Be passionate. We need more passionate people in the world. More who are wanting & willing to change the world.
  16. After the first couple of months, ditch the onesies, it's soooooo much easier not to have to deal with crotch snaps!
  17. And please, by all means, if you are giving clothing to a friend with twins, just nix the snaps all together. Zippers & clothing without snaps are her friend. No lie.
  18. It works for us to have a regularly set bedtime. Some kids get up early no matter what. We have those kids. So if they stay up late & then get up early - guess what, no one wins. Best to have them go to bed when they are tired.
  19. I will add that I am not a morning person. So this is not working for me. But it is what it is, you know. (I try to) Go with the flow.
  20. What works more than anything right now? To slow down. Be a mom to four. Be a small business owner doing what I love to do, at the pace that works for myself & my family. It works to be more of me & less of what others may want from me.


What's on your list?


PS - I love her cooking example. You know what works for me? Not cooking. I handed that over to the mister before we were even married.

True story.