The Smash Cakes

I've been meaning to blog this fooooorever (you know how that goes!) - finally found a few minutes to sit down & share ... plus, I know her schedule is starting to fill up with some August celebrations (oh a birthday for her 2yo and a wedding cake in the works to name a few ;) ) ... if any of you are in need of a cake - of any kind - for your party or birthday celebration, you'll have to contact Susan. You can see her family's session here. Well, little did I know at the time that I had the talents of a professional culinary master at my disposal! Yes, she went to culinary school & I have the smash cakes to prove it! ;) I've already had a lot of people ask (who saw the cakes on FB or IG) - so here's her contact info: mommy2koen @yahoo (facebook too)


For the record: we loved them! The attention to detail was just amazing!

Thanks for the amazing work you do, Susan! Master Chef!

I can't believe my littles are one already!