Tuesday's Gone | FAQ

ALL day I've been singing that line: "Tuesday's gone ... with the wind" ... that might possibly give you some insight into how quickly I was performing a balancing-juggling act today. On a tight-rope. With a unicycle. FAQ

e-course: Light & Style

  • what is an "e-course"?  There are a few definitions of e-course out there, but in general it just means that the informational lessons & instruction come to you via an electronic format and eliminate attendance issues based on time & geography. In this case, I really am using it in the easiest sense of the term: providing lessons & instructions in a format where you can log-in & access that particular topic. From there, assignments will be given - giving you ample time to grasp the concept and complete the assignment, while sharing in a private group, amongst like-minded peers in a cooperative, safe learning environment. I want it to be easy & fun. The only time you would be "required" to be at a specific location is for the optional shoot-shop at the end, with hands-on instruction.
  • what do you mean by "beta"? It's just simply a new course offering & we are still working out the kinks. As long as you are willing to have some grace & compassion with that ;) we are good to go.
  • What is the structure of the class? I am going to dive into some informational instruction & then ask you to complete an assignment (or several assignments). I will provide feedback & critique, as will others in the class. I hope to add some interactive elements as well.
  • Is the "class" in a 'real time chat room format'? The course itself is not in real time, so to speak, although I do hope to include some chats/discussion (like through google+ or something similar) where we can go over some material. While I will try to offer these to accommodate as many students as I can, geography & time can be a factor. These chats will not be "mandatory" by any means - just another way to get out there & learn.
  • Will it work with my schedule if I ... have kids at home, am working the night shift, work during the day, live in another time zone? Yes, that is my goal. I want this to be a flexible course for all participants.
  • As with any course, we need to have a minimum student enrollment in order to make the class happen. Registration is open for the next week to adjust for this factor so those who are interested can hop on board. I only have room for six more "full course" students (those doing the e-course + shoot-shop). I do think these students will benefit the most, as they will also receive hands-on instruction 'in the field'. While I can't teach anyone to see how I see, I can take you through the process, set-up and baby-steps to get there.
  • Register here. (scroll down the page to see this course)


Summer Teen Workshop

  • the location is TBA (to be announced) - although it will be in Fairbanks & will run that first week in June (4th-8th) 3-4pm with optional time after that to start on our assignment(s) together
  • I have just a few seats left - it's looking to be a great group! Hope your teen can join us!


Photo 101 - Basics Class

  • Since this class happens right after school is done, but before the summer officially starts, there is plenty of time to get in some good learning and enjoy the summer. It's perfect for those of you who want to get the most out of your camera - and photographing your kids - this summer. The class is 2-6pm if you are taking both segments, shorter if you just want the instructional part. And since school's out for the summer on this date, your teenage babysitters should be available ;)
  • If you have any other questions, let me know! Register here.


For me, the interesting thing about shooting figurines & artwork is making them come to life.

Natural light. ISO 1000 f/2.0 1/125

One of our models from a previous class. Long curly hair is so much fun to photograph.

 Can't remember if I ever shared this one, from this winter ... I do love it so. ISO 800 f/2.8 1/125. Little Mama with Wild Thing tendencies. And those wispy strands of hair, come to life.