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In case you missed this weekend, you'll have to click through here to see self-portraits (double-gulp. ((anyone know what that's from???)) ) with this month's blog carousel and also, the best things come in threes. Clearly. I know! Seriously cute huh.

thoughts from yesterday ...
Today was an incredible day. Hard to describe. Hard to share (in adequate words). But ... I am going to try.
The kind of day ... where birthdays were celebrated. 60th birthdays. Can you imagine? We did. Came, Saw, Conquered.
The kind of day ... where laughter was thick & smiles were plentiful.
The kind of day ... where those who celebrated gushed about their grandchildren. I got to see my friends' kids (through pictures - but of course! is there any other way? all these "techno-savvy" ways to communicate now days & still, how do we like to show off our kids & grandkids??? :) ) and hear their parents giddy with excitement & joy. And I loved every minute of it. Truly, every minute.
The kind of day ... where we had at least five cakes ... red velvet, german chocolate cake, a chocolate cake with raspberries ... another cake (or two) with sprinkles. *Perfect.
The kind of day ... where you pass by another adult who has watched you grow up and says, "good job mama. You are doin' good."
The kind of day ... where you get to hear the story of another couple who proposed on the day your parents' threw this HUGE NYE party and now this couple's child gets to announce her sister's elopement. (And noooo, I will not say who it is! This is a small town after-all ;) I would like her to be able to share the news herself. hehe ;) )
The kind of day ... where cell phones & facebook were put aside.
The kind of day where it all happened, face-to-face, in real time, with love, laughter & a little bit of life.
That kind of day.
Mama said there'd be days like this ... thank goodness we had this one.
The phone & facebook side-lined part felt soooo good. In fact, I actually had an "in real life" conversation about this exact phenomenon. Always being connected. Do you find it nice now to take a step back, recharge, get off of the "connected-ness" for a few days (or a week) & ... breathe? This was the conversation I had. My friend is also from a family of six, so we also chatted about "this day & age" and how so many of us are raising kids, raising a family, without immediate family nearby. It was a fascinating conversation to have, especially with someone who, like he said, is "only" an uncle. He's just observing how hard it is for all of us. Kudos to us! This is hard work! There is nothing 'easy' about it. And yet, we march on, often with smiles on our faces & a pep in our step.
More of this beautiful family & their story soon.
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“There’s no next time. It’s now or never.” – Celestine Chua
Go live your now.