today is my birthday.

For those of you that blog, do you ever feel the need to have something profound to say on your birthday? I don't know why, but this birthday I'm feeling like I should have some big epiphany to share. Some big story. Some big AHA! moment.

I think all I can say is that the last year has taught me a lot. Life mostly feels like a balancing act. A lot of what you see above. (Yes, those are his ABW socks - already-been-worn. I'm following Sheryl Crow's advice here: If it makes you happy, it can't be that ba-aaaa-ad.)  But I've learned to un-balance a little &. I like that better.


I'm hoping this year, is a little more like this

the pose I got from my six year old when I directed from afar, "give me your best model look!"


Definitely blue steel in those eyes. I'm taking note. And taking lessons. Happy. Energetic. Comedian in the making.


There has been so much good come out of the last several years. It's exciting to see another year unfold, wondering where we will be one year from now. Do you ever do that?  I love looking back & thinking forward. Even in pictures.


I'm excited about the possiblities. Life only gets better.

This is the first birthday I get to celebrate being the mom to four. That's pretty cool.