Photo Friday. and then some.

So much has been going on! So I decided I needed to update you - on a variety of things, no particular order... so stay with me & I will put a fun photo tip at the end of this post. About a week or so ago, my friend Vanessa lost her home & all of her belongings (and that of her husband & two boys) in a house-fire. They are currently living day-by-day, slowly starting to rebuild and grow from a new spot. Right now we are trying to find a 2nd set of puddle boots for them (Youth Size 4 (boy), Men's Size 8 (boy), Ladies size 8). If you have a pair that your boys have outgrown (or you) let me know in the comments. But also, if you just want to pray for them, or send good vibes or make a wish on their behalf, I know it won't be wasted. Thank you for thinking of them.


Our littles have been battling colds and teething (yes, all at once), which put Asher into another wheezing battle. Thank goodness we've been 'hospital free' (no offense to the nuring staff). Hoping to keep it that way. He's finally starting to sound better (again). Goodness we need a break. Send us those health vibes!


The Teen Photo Workshop for this summer (first week in June) is quickly filling. The $50 early bird registration ends today. As long as there is still space, you still can enroll after this, but the early bird is going, going, gone. Leave me a message if you have an 11/12yo that you would like a workshop for. If there is enough interest, I will put together a class for them.


All. THIS. SUNSHINE! Are we lucky or what?!!!

Which brings me to backlighting. Specifically this shot. Sometimes all it takes to go from an 'okay' or 'good' portrait to a "WOW" is moving. Notice I didn't have him move. I moved. My zoom is my legs. And my tripod is me.


Nothing wrong with this shot. I love the movement, I love his expression. But when you kick it up a notch ...



Sometimes all it takes it just moving ever so slightly.


I've been reading a lot. Thinking a lot. Working a lot. Mommy-ing (?) a lot. And truthfully .... living. A LOT. right now. All in the moment. And it's been so good. Like crazy good. Like take four kids to the grocery store & learn good. I know. What has come over me?!   I'm still trying to process it all. Write about it all. Be  with it all. There are some incredible things happening behind the scenes & I am enjoying it all. Don't be afraid to do something different. Don't be afraid to be more of you. And live life. Less behind the computer, more in real life.


If you're walking on our team, don't forget to sign up!!!


If you are wanting a summer session, get in touch with me now because those dates are quickly filling up.  I'm shooting a destination wedding this summer (I am so, so excited!) so there is a chunk of time that is already blocked off between that & clients that have already booked their summer sessions. I feel ever so grateful to each & every one of you. Thank you for being such avid readers, supporters & fans of MachC Photography. I couldn't do it without you! Thank you for recommending me to your friends. I am lucky to be your child & family photographer.

Happy Friday!