Let the wild rumpus start! Senior Photo Shoot - Apply Here

First thing first, if you are finishing up your Junior year & will be a 2013 Senior, you won't want to miss this. Run over & apply to be a part of our 2013 Senior Photo Shoot sponsored by MachC Photography & Fireweed Boutique. We are looking for a handful of Senior girls (& maybe a guy or two if you're out there!) who love fashion, love being in front of the camera & are ready to change the world! Show us your Moxie! You must be available, Monday, May 7th (evening) for the shoot. Some times we want to do something wild and fun - and totally unlike anything you ever get to see or do in Fairbanks - and this is it! Spread the word! Get your friends to apply & get ready to have some fun! Deadline is May 1st!  

Second, some of you have asked where the Teen Workshop link is. So I am putting it front n' center. Location is TBD.


Third, I have ONE Saturday left in May and very limited availability in June & late July/early August. Contact me today to book your summer photo shoot. I don't want to leave anyone out!


Fourth, do you know about the Tarantula Hawk? Spider Wasp? Google it. shiiiiver. If you have an inquisitive boy, you probably already know alllll about it. If not ...


Fifth, from Seth's Blog

Bandits want something for nothing. They take. They take free content where they can find it. They fight for anonymity, for less community involvement. They want more than their fair share, and they walk past the busker, because they can hear him playing real good, for free.

The spammer is a bandit, stealing your attention because he can get away with it, and leaving nothing in return.

Philanthropists see a platform for giving. They support the tip jar. They argue for community standards and yes, for taxes that are more fair to the community. They support artists online, and when they can, they buy the book.

The artist who creates a video that touches you, or an infographic that informs you--she's giving more than she gets, leaving the community better than it was before she got there.

Both types have been around forever, of course. But the web magnifies the edges. It's easier than ever to be a free rider, to make your world smaller and to take. And easier than ever to be a big time contributor, even if you don't have any money. You can contribute your links or your attention or your energy...


I would say, this, this right here, is a community of philanthropists. The Bandits aren't interested in our core. Our soul. Our heart. We are aiming for passion.


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