I was talking with a friend

I was talking with a friend recently, about to turn 40, who has been asked again & again how she will celebrate. After a moment of thought, she said, "Many things crossed my mind...none of which make me as blissfully happy as what I do every morning, which is drink tea in bed and water my plants." While that particular statement may seem light-years away from my life, I can assure you, it is not. I do, in fact, drink tea every morning, but that's not what I'm talking about here. What makes us blissfully happy is watering our plants. To her, the babies that she takes care of, day in & day out, growing them from seed into something more substantial & beautiful. For me, it's much the same. My babies are my plants. The little people I am growing from seeds.


I am blissfully happy watering my plants. I give my friend credit for that realization. We are one & the same. My plants are my children. And today, my baby girl turns four. My little seedling is growing.

After four plus years of adding water daily, I have this beautiful preschool, young-school-age-child-to-be who is even more incredible than I ever imagined her to be. Funny, bright, loving, spunky with saucy-sauce on the side.


And a beauty that is both internal & otherwise.


To the little girl that was born bright & early on a Tuesday morning, after several days in the hospital where the staff said, "you can't go home, you have to have this baby now" - I am eternally yours. Happy Birthday baby girl.  Love, mama.