The Millenials.

  I just had to share some of this as I find it so fascinating. I've always been interested in generations, generational gaps & what "we" call ourselves. I remember asking my parents if they were "Baby Boomers" at a very young age. When the term "Gen X" surfaced, I wondered, well ... who are they? Do I fall in that category? What is a"Gen-Xer"? I don't know why I've always been fascinated with this. Just a personality quirk I guess.

So when I came across talk about The  Milllenials recently, I dove right in.


They are the most tech savvy and also the most diverse group (yet) in American history. Unlike Gen X, which still doesn't carry a solid time frame to it (different people have different ideas about the cut-offs & starting points of that generation), it seems that most agree the Millenials are from about 1979-2000. They absorb information like never before, but not necessarily through news or media or even books. They are getting their information & know-how from social networks. (I cannot even tell you how many world happenings I first hear about through Twitter. In fact, when the earthquake hit Japan last year, that is where I initially heard the breaking story: through twitter.)


One article I read talked about how they are focused on "hand-me-ups" meaning swapping tech tools with their parents. Finding ways to be resourceful in today's world.


Millenials want custom. Custom life, custom career, custom things -  a custom wedding. Milllenials are now 70% of weddings out there. Did you know that? More grooms than ever are involved in the process of the wedding & making a house a home.

They want flexible work schedules (back to that custom bit). Harry Potter is (typically) a big part of their lives, so it's no surprise to see trending topics like #thingsharrypottertaughtme on Twitter.


So I'm curious, what generation are you? Yes you, reading this? :) Leave me a note in the comments. I'm always curious if people identify with the description of 'their generation' or not. I want to hear your thoughts.

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