Sick & tired. And Sunny.

This will be my 680th post ... whoa! When did that happen?!!! Read through. Something just for you at the end. You know, to commemorate the occasion. I dunno, I kinda think 680 is a big deal. ;) Well in the world of the sick bug, we have seemed to hit the jackpot lately ;) little bit o' this, little bit of that, next thing you know, everyone in the family has been sick for days & then weeks. Slowly but surely we'll make a turn for the better. It's inevitable. The nurse we saw last week said that it's going around (when is it not?). As I try typing & formulating sentences in vain, I would like to blame it on writer's block (that seems easier in some ways) but alas, it's a house-full of sick kids (& mama & daddy to varying degrees). When it's still winter where you live (& here it still is, although we are inching into spring as I type this), all the good germs ;) know it & get trapped inside with us. I had a feeling it was near though as we took one of the bigs to the doctor last week, where the nurse informed us that a) strep is going around b) if it's not that, it's the other nasty virus that is (which includes fever, cold & cough). That's the one we've all endured  by the way. We are very much looking forward to the other side of this. But I see the chickadees & red  polls hanging outside  the window ... so I know we are close. Very close.

Totally unrelated, but have you seen this yet? I had to share it with you guys. I can totally see the connection. What a fascinating look at our lives, don'tcha think?

Speaking of food, has anyone started seeds yet? What are you planting this year? Yes, those of you in warmer climates can join in the conversation, since some of you may have *gasp* started your garden. (We still have snow on the ground, and you're gasping at that I'm sure.)

One of my photog friend's house blog. I love seeing what others are doing & working on. If you're in to house renovations, this one's for you. You're welcome.

I'm hoping to share some of our own {very small} projects this spring {but seriously, first we need some weeks of healthy days sprinkled in here}. So we're stocking up on vitamins & probiotics and green smoothies & fresh juice. All in the name of health. I keep forgetting to add a more substantial post on our green smoothie adventure. I will have to do that soon. But believe me, it's been a welcome addition to our daily routine. And adding the juices more recently has been a lot of fun for the kids.

lost & found


It's so true. About losing ourselves in the things we love. I remember taking that step, that leap of faith to start this business when five years ago to this very date, I realized the things I wanted in child photography, the things I wanted to capture about my family, I couldn't find here. So I made it. I wanted it to be available to people like me, who were looking & couldn't find what they were looking for. It was a love that I'd had since childhood, rekindled. You ever find yourself there? Rekindling the flames of things you've loved since you were a child?

Class sign ups are here. I am really excited about working with those who have already signed up. We have a great group so far! There are a few spaces left. I am keeping the class small so we can really dive into things. Right now I would say that everyone who has joined has some foundation, some knowledge, of photography. If you have questions about whether or not this class is right for you, send me an email: info (at) machcphotography (dot) com.

We just have to hang on for a month, right? And then we'll be outside frolicking not-in-the-snow :) that's something worth noting. If you & your little crew would like to frolic ;) with mine this spring, I hope you'll join our team. We are so excited to be walking again this year in support of the Alaska Walk for Autism & the Alaska Autism Society! It's been something we've participated in every year running. I pick up the shirts & then we all meet up early to hand them out, take a quick pic if we have time & off we go! You can register here under Team MachC Photography when you sign up.

So are you still with me? My 680th post?!

Leave a comment below in the facebook comment box (click this link if you don't see it). Tell me your favorite springtime treat! If you signed up to walk on our team, mention that ... if you are having a MachC session this year, leave that in your comment too. I want to giveaway a Cold Stone gift card! Leave your comment below.