Five on Friday. And the ER visit.

1. This is going to be fairly quick. I was up until the wee-hours of the morning, most of that time being spent in the ER with a very sick little twin. Thank goodness he seems to be feeling much better. Thank goodness brother doesn't seem to have what he has. Bonus points on both accounts. If you follow my IG feed, you probably saw the happenings of all that. Breaks my heart having a sick little one. 2.  One photographer's date with the pinterest guy. If you don't know the back-story, check that out. She's a lawyer in her 'day job' & had quite a few thoughts to share about Pinterest's terms of use. Turns out, those terms may be changing. Turns out, Mr. Pinterest totally called her up to chat. Love that he's now in her contacts on her phone. ;)


3. I have 20 Drafts in my posts drafts inbox. Wha? What the heck have I been writing about lately?!?


4. Have you seen the new Timeline on Facebook? Come say hi. :)

5. I'm looking for a few models. I'll post details here and on Facebook. Definitely like the MachC page for that.