5 Reasons to have a Snow Session in the Spring

Simple. Snow sessions are meant for the spring in these parts.

1. Temperature.

This one is a biggie around here. For most parts of the country, having a seasonal shoot in November or even December is an option. After-all, sometimes they are still having fall weather in October & November. For us, it's cold. No if's and's or but's about it. 7 above zero is not an ideal temperature to photograph kids or families outdoors, playing in the snow. In fact, even 20 above is pushing it. That's what makes our spring-time (now through April & May) such a great choice. Temps are climbing every day. It's very easy to get a day that is 25 above, 35 above sometimes even in the 40s - and you know what happens then! Us crazy ;) Alaskans start shedding coats!

2. Snow.

We have snow now. And with the temps above, it's the perfect time to get out & play in it. Oftentimes in October (& sometimes even November) we just don't have that much snow. But right now we do & it's glistening with light.

3. Light

Which brings us to our next important reason - we are gaining daylight (not losing it)! This is huge. The right temperature + snow + light is equal to ...

4. Happiness.

You guessed it: Happiness. We all feel an extra spring in our step at this point in the year. The sun is shining, temps are warming up - it's the perfect time to show off our true Alaskan life to our families who wonder what we do up here all year.   For families who love the outdoor life & our family activities that follow, there is no better form of happiness.  There is just no better time to take advantage of all the fun: sled dog runs, snowshoeing, skiing, getting pulled on the sled, family walks with the dogs  or just a simple cup of hot chocolate by the hot tub or camp fire.


5. The recipe for success.

All these things combined create the perfect recipe for success.