'Where does that come from?'

I was asked recently, 'What inspires you?' usually followed by, 'you know, what keeps your creative juices flowing' ... this is definitely a question that I want to tackle (and deserves way more time than just one post). In a quick, short essay answer, I am inspired by life. I am inspired by everything around me. Sometimes (many times) even things that may seem 'every day' to someone else hits me & strikes that note of inspiration.

Case in point, have you seen "Shine"? (If you are in a reader you will need to 'click through' on the blog post title to see what's below. )


The filming, the emotion, Chelsea herself. Making her life happen. Maybe I'm lumping us all together, but as "creatives" I think there are quite a few of us who can relate to this.

Here's her interview:

I feel the magic she talks about. I love the camera angle of her in the car, in the side view mirror (did you see that?). I love her love for life. That's inspiring.

I have more to share on this topic.

But first I have to ask, where do you find your inspiration for your job? For your life and what you do?

What inspires you?