What's on the outside.

I have been photographing my grandma's Hummel Collection lately. A family project, turned personal project and introspective in nature. How can it not be? In a photo-group I am a part of, the theme for this past week was "collections". It seemed so fitting that this collection presented itself. It may not be my collection, but the stories, the memories, the laughter, the 'growing up' in my grandma & grandpa's house surrounded by my grandma's meaningful figurines. It reminded me of what collections truly are: a piece of us. A piece of what we love, how we see the world, what holds meaning in our life & every day.

My grandma told me once that she wished she had had more children. That was her only 'regret' if she did have one.  She raised seven by the way. And now has over 30 something grandchildren and at least half as many great grandchildren. (And if I'm keeping tabs on my cousins, I think there are two of us that now have four kids - so between me & one of my cousins, we have half the great grandchildren ;) ha.)

It's a wonderful walk down memory lane seeing & being surrounded by pieces you remember from childhood. An intense reminder of the things we collect on the outside & what they mean to us on the inside. A small piece of our personality, our dreams, our wishes, what brings us joy ... a reflection of the memories we collect on the inside and how quickly life passes us by. "I told my kids," said my grandma, "think about what you want. Think about where you want to be. You will be here too. It doesn't stop. I never thought about being this age when I was your age ... but here I am"


PS - I love my grandma's front room, sitting room, family room, parlor ... in the midwest, Mr. MachC's family calls it a "front room". The way his grandmother said it (the only one living that I was able to meet in person back then) it always sounded like "frunch room". Makes me smile just trying to say it.

PPS - you tried to say it didn't you ;)