Photo Dump Friday

  Titled: "On the other side of a baby session at forty below."



  • my crazy laundry
  • building
  • one book, two books, three books, four
  • where's waldo
  • I should've thrown in the green smoothie shot but nope, chose the oh-so-healthy onion rings. because they were deeeeelish.
  • cooking pro
  • slides & negatives. I was in heaven.
  • I drew that! (aka: found drawings from my old sketchbook)
  • bathing beauty
  • teething & still all smiles
  • another teether who's still pretty dang happy
  • mama's not feeling so well, but yes she will take another kiss


I think I may need to do this more often.

And maybe bring back Fresh Friday Fives every now & again?

Happy Friday! Take this weekend by storm! (Unless you're me, I need some R&R. ;) )