Hello 2012. Welcome.

Is it okay to include a new post? I don't want you guys to forget about the New You contest ~ let the good times roll! So make sure you read this, but then also hop down & enter the contest too. Why not? Could be just what you need to kick off the year!  

In other news, we are just enjoying some family time around here, easing into the new year, as it feels like we should be. I've started back to work, which has been wonderful. That was probably the longest break I've taken ... ever. It was so needed to have that bit of maternity leave (even if it did come months after the boys were born!). It just felt ... right. So does sitting down & writing the next post, ringing in the new year. And no, this isn't a 'resolutions' post (although I've been reading plenty of those & have been inspired by a few myself). I'm not sure what this is? Part recap, part future? Past & present? One of my friends wrote recently about how she truly is just loving where they are at right now. How she would "love if we could simply stay here for a while". I smiled when I read that. I know exactly what she means. Maybe 'feel' what she means is more like it. I couldn't agree more. Our lives aren't perfect by any means. But our lives feel good. They feel full. I started the year off with 7 month olds. SEVEN month olds! That are over 20lbs a piece! They make us smile, laugh & giggle at every turn.

Soon, I will be the mom to a six year old. There are times I don't even feel 'old enough' to have a six-year-old. That's a big kid! We have readers in the house now. Others who are starting to recognize their name and still one more who just started signing this week (he thinks 'milk' means 'more' ... but hey, we're working on it ;) ). I'm working on behind-the-scenes projects (yes, multiple) that I am just so giddy about. That makes me happy. I am waiting on newborns to arrive & make their grand appearance. Even got to hear about 3 sets of twins that were born that not only now have different birthdays ... but were born in different years. Yep, you don't even think things like that are possible ... until they are. And I think that is what I am already loving about this year. The impossible is possible.

In 2011 we had fun contests, grew another garden of goodies, got spoiled with farm fresh goodies from clients & friends, photographed newborns, babies, big kids & families, finished a Master's program, learned new tricks, photographed more families, donated, gave back to the community, read wonderful words that made me blush, we grew & watched our lives grow in proportion to our hearts.

Even at -40 below, it all feels good.

This little year with the apostrophe twelve ... it's gonna be a good one. I hope you feel it too.


PS - This post was #651. WOW.

Happy New Year!