And the winner is ...

Wow! We are blown away!!! We had at least forty-something entries to read through - can you believe it?! Thank you to each and every one of you for an amazing opportunity to gift something so special - as small business owners in our community, we really take pride in celebrating what it is we love so much not only about our jobs, but about the people we work with, the clients we serve & the town we live & play in. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And now, the winning entry that caught the eye of the judges!

What a wonderful cooperative effort! I am always looking for the beauty in our community - it's so abundant and yet can be overlooked if we aren't aware. Thank you! Now, I would love to win this make-over as I celebrate entering into a new chapter in my life. My husband passed away almost 9 years ago now and up until mid 2011 I hadn't even dated. But then, someone so incredibly special came into my life quite by coincidence. Neither of us were looking. Now, in Feb. 2012, I will become engaged when he flies up here for Valentines Day. I don't know when, but do know he will ask for my hand in marriage. I am 55 and feel 35! I'd love to look as young as I feel as I walk hand in hand with my sweetheart into a new era in our lives and life together. Thank you! Sherrie Merdes


Congratulations Sherrie! Contact me to claim your prize! We are so excited to celebrate the New You in the New Year!


Some things I've come across this week:

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Stay-At-Home vs. Working Parents - Questions to help spouses bridge the communication gap. This one got quite a few chuckles from the facebook crowd ;)