What you don't know about My Master.


Did you know that this April we will have been (back) here for 8 years? ("Back" for me, an 8-year resident for hubs. ;) ) It's amazing to think about. It sounds like such a long time, in theory. But in reality, eight years goes by so very quick, don'tcha think? In eight years we have grown by leaps & bounds and made amazing strides as a family.

What many don't know is that it was at this point in our lives eight years ago that we made the decision to move to Alaska so Mr. 'MachC' could pursue his Master's of Education. Four kids (under 5), a few rentals, a townhome, a house, two cats and a lotta crap ;) later & I get to proudly say that his Master's is almost complete. And I do say that very loud & proud. It's not easy finishing up your Masters when you start the journey in a completely new state, living under a new roof with no kids and end it years later with four kids and two careers and a lot of stuff that might have 'encouraged' others to put it on the back-burner or maybe not even complete it at all. But he did. My husband did. He is finishing his Master's with determination & dedication. I am so very proud of him. This was a dream, for him - and for me. It's so amazing to watch him cross the finish line. Even more amazing that we have a five year old who knows & understands what it means & is thrilled to the max that him & daddy "both get to graduate this year!". Now if that doesn't make you smile ...


In the middle of all this craziness that is life, we can accomplish amazing things. You can do anything you want.

You just have to put your mind to it.

That's what I tell my kids every day. It's what I tell my mentees, every day. It's what we live, every day.

I am so proud of this man that makes my every day.


Thumbs up to that for sure.