Today I ...

Today I ... . Had time to drink half of my green smoothie in the morning (which was not actually green - note to self: why is my 'green smoothie' purple, I don't remember adding eggplant).

. Got two kids under 6.5 months ready for their first school related field trip.

. Saw a Mama Moose wait patiently & with such visible strength, watching her young calf trying to cross four lanes of traffic without her.

. Saw several cars slow down & stop in genuine efforts to not spook the calf & let her cross the road, not just to 'get to the other side' but to get to her mama.

. Drove in the dark & saw the sun rise as only a cold Alaskan sunrise can do: in luminous yellows, oranges & blues.

. Saw a mountain range illuminated at sunrise.

. Was welcomed to North Pole, Alaska, where it's Christmas year round.

. Experienced JOY as only little ones can: the magic of Santa, the magic of reindeer & the magical joy of hot chocolate. Mmmmm.

. Fed babies during this time. For what seemed like forever. Decided to forgo changing as twin changing stations don't really exist. Even at Santa's house.

. Answered a wide-range of twin questions, from people of all ages.

. Learned that 5-year-olds truly have the best questions :)

. Listened to a teacher hit one outta the park when he asked, "Does anyone know what reindeers eat?" to which (naturally) one of the kids yells, "Fairy Dust!" & without missing a beat, the teacher says, "You're right! That's what they eat when they fly! What about when they are just down here with us?" LOL. Awesome.

. Saw the sun skip along the horizon, while holding my breath & passing too many tanker trucks to note.

. Listened to the music I wanted to listen to. And cranked up the heat in the car. Hear that silence? Two sleeping babies.

. Got help changing diapers when arriving at our destination (a TRUE Christmas blessing my dear readers as I don't get no help during the day - it's just this mama all day every day.)

. Realized I knew back-roads better than I thought.

. Added bonus points in the game of life.

. Organized, prepped food for & fed four hungry kids. Simultaneously.

. Yes I did.

. Also made myself something to eat that was returned to the fridge only minutes later. The life of a mom. (You either share your food or have to wait to eat, am I right?)

. Somehow managed to get two out four engaged in an activity while getting the other two out of four down for a nap. (One is napping in my room, I don't even care, as long as he naps :) )

. Wrote this post.

... so ... what have you done today?


T.G.I.F. ... TGIF ...