The 5 Best New Baby Gifts

Or ... Should it really be the best gifts to give mom when new baby arrives? ;) Either way, I have some thoughts on the matter after four little ones myself there is plenty to share. So if you are looking for the best gifts to give that new baby in the new year (or for Christmas), look no further!

  1. A Photo Session - I know, I may be a little biased here, but then again, I have never run across a mom who was gifted a session who wasn't appreciative & beyond excited. It's a fun way to show you care & if you are a mom yourself, you know how quickly those first few days pass by. You know how quickly your baby changes. Most new moms don't. It's amazing to give them a gift that will make them oooh & aaahh as the months & years pass. There is no comparison.
  2. Diapers! And surprise diaper gifts any time in the first year. - Seriously. A diaper cake? Yes please! A box of diapers? But of course! A random diaper drop & run - yes, yes & yes! We've been privy to all of this & I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful it is (especially for multiples moms). It's great to gift the bigger sizes as well. You never know how quickly the family will need the next size up.
  3. Clothing. But not the itty-bitty sizes you think are soooo cute ;) - ever since having our first I am a HUGE fan of giving clothing in bigger sizes. 6 months, 9 months, 12 months - heck, even 18 & 24 month sizes! I can still remember which of my friends gave our daughter her first 3T swimsuit (with pink watermelons!). It was truly a special gift & so nice to have it later down the road. And don't worry so much about onesies. I may be told otherwise, but I am seriously not a huge fan of onesies. I prefer them in the first few months, but after that, it's hit or miss whether I continue to use them. Also, buttons. If you have the option of choosing zippers over buttons, do. Especially for moms of more than one little one (& I'm not just saying twins, babies that are 12-2 years apart even - choose zippers over buttons at all times).
  4. Gifts for siblings - when your older kids are still in elementary school, I think this is really important. It's inclusive, rather than exclusive, and well it just makes the kids feel important. And as a parent, it feels good when people think about your older kids, who may not be getting the same levels of attention that they are used to at first. One of our favorite gifts this year? The school librarian who gave our 'big brother' & 'big sister' a gift card to a local bookstore, complete with a note attached saying that they could go to the store & pick out a book to read to their new brothers. Love. Personal & inclusive. It really meant a lot.
  5. Attention. - This one I like to explain in the form of a story. A Wisconsin friend of mine (whom I only know through twitter) contacted me one early, newborn foggy day with a quick note ... she saw that we were using Brown's bottles, so gathered up her own & asked her circle of friends if they had any to contribute ... would it be okay if she sent us a box of gently used Brown's bottles? Yes, if your jaw just hit the floor, welcome to the club. So did mine. :) It was an amazing gesture. And even more jaw-dropping when the box arrived - I swear there were something like SIXTEEN BOTTLES in there!!! Up until that point, we had been using the same 3 bottles, every. day. Washing those bottles multiple times a day. Feeding probably 15x or more a day. It was such an incredible gift. And that's why I say the gift of "Attention". Pay attention. See what your friend needs. Sometimes it's nice for new moms not to have to ask for something, but for someone to just care enough to help. Be that friend that cares enough to do the work & make it happen.



What have been the best baby gifts you've given or received? Leave a note in the comments.

PS - Food is a veeeery nice gift :D we were lucky enough to have quite a few friends drop off dishes - some twice! (Even a few from others we didn't even 'know' - isn't that amazing!).

PPS - Another friend brought over clothes for the boys ... & hid a box of tea for me in the gift bag. I could have hugged her right there on the spot. Awesomeness in a box. So thoughtful.