Holiday (or maybe just cool ideas) Round Up.

Is it strange that I secretly want this??? lol.  

Source: via anna on Pinterest

The Northern Lights tile ...  totally reminds me of hyper-color shirts & socks .... don'tcha think?

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest


In other news ...

25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier. Ummm ... yes please. The wrapping paper storage dilemma? What great timing! And I seriously need to use the shower cap idea the next time I have to pack for a trip. I hate knowing my shoes that I've been walking on anything & everything with will be touching my clean clothes - please tell me I'm not the only one!  A gutter garden? How to fold a fitted sheet? Oh there is just way too much goodness here!



I would LOVE to live here. Surround by all of this. Gorgeous. Can you imagine living with all those books!


Any brides in the house?


I love this! Very similar to the colors in my own bouquet.


Had to laugh.


And on that note ... have a great weekend!