Today is Family Day.

6 months ago today ... on this very day, we were here, doing this. I felt them kick for the first time. And now, 6 months from that day, here we are ...

doing this little thing with the courts called 'adoption finalization'. Imagine that.

The day we found out about our 'court date', I was standing at the washing machine, doing a load of laundry (I know, not very glamorous, sorry to ruin that image ;) ). I picked up a seashell ... the seashell from that visit above & I was instantly taken back to that day. Our day together. All of us.

And then I started to cry as I realized our court date was scheduled for a court date six months from that exact moment we learned we were expecting twins. Some things you can't plan.

We couldn't be happier. It's been a great family day. One that we will always remember.


"This is what we've always dreamed of. We have everything we've ever wanted." Yep, my husband sure did say that. I love him. I love my little family.




* About half of these were taken by big brother. I love seeing things from his perspective. We have some pretty hilarious shots to document the day.