The "New" Facebook - Tips & Tricks

So I dunno about you guys, but it seems like every time I turn around, Facebook has changed.  


And half the time I am never sure what to think of it. Or how to navigate through it, for that matter. (As if we need more things to learn, right.) Now, no doubt this post can be, may be, obsolete in due time ... but for now I figure I'd share the small bit of research, googling, facebook-reading & more I've found out. Cause have you noticed you can't always find what or who you are looking for now that the "ticker" is in place along with "recent stories" and "popular stories" (and now 'categorizing' by common keywording - did I see that recently? oy-vey).

So let's start to organize some of this craziness so you can actually see & read posts from those who you want to connect with (including other businesses or topics you are interested in).

  1. Go to the "HOME" button on your page (once you are logged in).
  2. See "LISTS" to the far left (at the very least you will have the latest "subscriptions" default list)
  3. Click on "MORE".
  4. Aaaaah, now you can "CREATE A LIST" :)
  5. Click "create list" & voila! Look to the far right where you will see "MANAGE LIST"
  6. There you can add people/groups/businesses/interests, customize it to choose what you want to see in those updates & even rename your list. Everything right at your fingertips. :) By clicking  "Add or Remove Friends" you can then get to the screen that lets you add "People" or "Pages" in the upper left hand corner there.




I swear, once you start making lists, you won't want to stop! ;) It's so much easier to 'stay connected' that way. You get to follow & keep up with people, places & things in the order & fashion you want to, instead of letting facebook dictate that for you.


Aside from that ... if you are just looking for eye candy, one of my twitter friend's had her home featured on Apartment Therapy yesterday. I looooove her floor to ceiling windows. And I agree with some of the comments that were left, doesn't feel like a rental at all! They've done an amazing job. I hope you'll take a peek. :)