how to dress for a photo shoot.

With every baby, child & family I photograph we talk wardrobe. But the "what to wear" talk can look different from person-to-person, family-to-family. I have some parents who are fairly comfortable pulling together their own outfits based on information & suggestions I send to them. Others I help them shop (I love those!) - we send links back & forth, they send snapshots of what they are thinking about, I send my thoughts - it makes the world go round! ;) I had to share a few words from Liz - in fact, I asked her to share a few words with you as it seemed so fitting - it's not easy dressing a family of five when you are including parents, an 11yo, a 7yo and a 7month old! That is a lot of people (& personalities!) to dress (of all different ages & stages!).

Here is what Liz had to say on dressing her family of five:

Well, for starters, I had not planned on having everyone match because it can be very cheesy.  While shopping for myself at Fred Meyer I found my shirt with the red scarf thing for my closet.  Then I went to the baby section looking for warm clothes for my baby.  I just happened to find the warm sweatshirt for Michael and realized that it matched the top I found for myself - with just enough texture variation and just enough colors to work with.  Now with a color palate of red, black, gray and white I could easily match the entire family without the cheesy matching polo shirt theme.  My seven-year old son already had his red plaid shirt in his drawer at home.  After searching  the clearance racks in the girls and mens sections I was able to find other shirts - it was dumb luck really. I just used the gray/black as a base and then looked for a pop of red and tried to stay away from too many patterns (except for the one plaid shirt and design on the tie on my daughter's shirt).

What's even crazier? Red, gray & black were 'the colors' this fall season - how fantastic is that! She laughed when I told her & said it was a total fluke but nah ... pretty sure she had it all figured out - that's what us moms do, right ;)


I am still terribly sick over here on this end & need to postpone a few things in this transition to health. Thank goodness all the littles (with more rounds of meds) and the bigs seem to be on the healthy track again, feeling better every day. Now I've just gotta get back on the health-train! There are some crazy viruses out there right now, I hope you & your families are steering clear.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving - still so many amazing things to be thankful for! I think I ended up sleeping for about 16hours on Thanksgiving, definitely a lot of thankfulness for that.