Fun Things To Do With Your Photos

I've known Jen for a while now. In fact, a long while. Long enough I'm not even sure how long (several years at least, right? Or is my memory failing me that miserably? lol). She is truly one of those kind, compassionate, fun & fun-loving people that you just want to be around. Can't help but be around ... and smile. If you were one of the ones who dropped off a meal to us in those wee-baby early days, you have Jen to thank for that. She set that up. (I know, see - I am better just for knowing her, I swear.) She constantly amazes me with all she does for her family, for her home, for her business, for her life. I think you'll get a taste of that here ... take it away Jen!  


Hello! I'm so excited to be sharing a little project here on Chelsey's blog! (Isn't she wonderful?!!) As a photographer, I'm always looking out for different ways to display my photos. This just happens to be one of my favorite ways. :) Its great for gifts (think the upcoming holidays!), to hang on your wall, or to put on a little easel on a desk. For this project, I had a piece of wood. I got this at a local craft store here in Salt Lake City. (And sadly, they don't ship any of their cute projects) However, you could probably find something similar to this at a craft store near you. You could even use a regular 'ol piece of wood! (And if you know someone with a woodshop and router... well they could help you out with a fancy shmancy edge.)
So here's what you need...
* a board
* a photo (mine was printed as a 12x12... the size you print your photo will be dependent on your board size)
* mod podge
* foam craft brush
* something to get the bubbles out when you lay the photo on the wood. (i used a pampered chef pizza stone scraper thingy... but your library card would work just fine too!)
* acrylic paint
First: I started out by painting the outer edges black. I knew the outer edges would be visible, so I picked a color that would go well with my photo. Let it dry...
Next... spread the mod podge on the board. I just dumped it straight on the board. Saved me a step. I like that. ;)
Then... you will slap that photo on. And work the bubbles out... (enter: library card!) Start from the center out.
Last... Now this step can be a bit intimidating... but trust me. :) Get some mod podge on your brush. Dont be shy. And don't skimp. Get a good bit of mod podge on that brush! I started at the top of my photo and did horizontal strokes across. The great part of this last step is that it gives your photo a tad bit of texture AND seals it so it won't peel off your wood.
And you are done! Yay! :)
Thanks, Jen! I love how it turned out! And that texture is gorgeous!!!
What projects are you guys working on out there? What fun things have you done with your photos lately?