linking the past with the present

Mom *always* warns me that the boys are "as you know, rowdy" ;) before our sessions together. Which always makes me laugh. We have so much fun together, if that's rowdy, I'll take it! ;) They are the type of 'rowdy' that keeps you on your toes. The type of 'rowdy' that makes you laugh, sometimes uncontrollably as (quite literally) everyone is trying to be funnier than the one standing next to them. They are the type of 'rowdy' that I get to say, "okay, remember you can run at me, but please don't hit me" (ha!) They are the type of rowdy that I've found myself diving out of the way for ... but you know what? It's all worth it. For moments like this:

We go to capture the bond. The family bond.

We go to capture the memories.*

We shoot to capture the personalities of each individual that, as mom so eloquently puts, "contributes to make us a functioning, happy family" - that is why we meet up ... and this is what we got to show for it.


After seeing all that, wanna know what they got? Stop back by on Friday! You don't wanna miss it!


*If any of you remember the wonderful, grandpa-like figure with the amazing smile at Alaskaland/Pioneer Park ... the one who took tickets out by the booth near The Salmon Bake ... the one who ran the Carousel with a grin ... that would be her father, their grandfather. I got to spend some time with him around this time a year ago, he made me laugh & smile the whole time, full of fantastic stories he wanted to share with me about his daughter he loves so very much. He is dearly missed. It was wonderful to be able to commemorate his life with such a meaningful session. I know he must have enjoyed it as much as we did.


Leave a comment below: what do you hope everyone sees in your family memories?