Baby Amelia. the quintessential Alaskan girl.

On the day that I photographed little Amelia, she was just 10 days old & already gearing up for some intense life adventures! We did a little studio - outdoor mix that included some with her big brothers (ages 2, 5 & 6).  


I love what mom wrote on the facebook page:

You are a baby whisperer, toddler charmer & little boy negotiator.... All while taking pics!

That might have been in reference to this ;)

Or maybe this?

and seeing as our family make-up is identical (minus the order, since their little girl is the baby & ours is the 2nd-born middle child), I feel very proud that she complimented me on my toddler charming & little boy negotiating skills. Boo-yah! ;)

(Notice anything special about the boots? ;) )

Don't you secretly love this next shot? The middle two boys are doing the exact same thing. How sweet is that!

Mom chose this as one of her main focal points for a wall portrait.

I feel so lucky to have welcomed little Amelia into the world with her first official photo shoot. She did us proud!

Her mama is a dear friend of mine. I had to make sure I did extra well so I wouldn't miss out on goodies like this ;) heehee


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