Savasana + the Digital Hiatus.

I've been shootin' like a mad-woman. And will have even more to share.

After this month.

Say wha? Here. Let me explain.


I woke up today, sun shining, super happy. Dare I say even ... thrilled? I've been reading so many articles lately (you know, in my 'spare' time right before midnight heh heh) & while I totally relate to them & what they are preachin' ... {there was something missing}. But first ... what we can relate to ...

(For example:) I loved reading what they are going through. I understand how Claudia feels, that there is so much going on, too much to do and not enough time to do it all & focus on it all. When Claudia wrote, I need I could feel myself wincing, giving a cyber hug & commiserating over tea. I understand what she's saying too, about needing space & thinning the herd. Needing room to breathe. (I mean, I stumbled upon her post just a mere 12-15 minutes after it was published, seriously. Talk about timing.) What does it all mean. And yes, these are my lunch breaks too. I get that. The funny thing is, I've already started spending less time on facebook, I just don't have the time (& have noticed that people spend a lot of time complaining there - do you notice that? people don't seem to complain as much on twitter - why is that?). Love that line, "My job is attached to a computer. I don't want my life to be." I actually consciously left the creative advertising world just for that very reason. It felt like 'too much time' behind a computer & not out in the world, living it to create better work.

But as much as I could relate I still felt like ...hmmm ... that's not quite what I'm feeling. Not quite what I'm experiencing.

And then, by chance, the idea behind this digital hiatus was born.

Every year since the beginning of time ;) September is by far my busiest time of year. By far. And this year proves to be no exception, despite my best efforts (best laid plans, right? ;) ) to keep things calmer & more reasonably focused, September is blooming before my eyes into something that is amazing & wonderful. There is no 'but'. It is shaping up to be what I need. And what I really need to do is tend to that garden & watch it bloom.

It is with that thought that my (first? only? blip on the radar?) digital hiatus materialized. (I've seen where someone else loved her's so much she's made it a yearly 'retreat' from the digital world ... hmmmm ... no promises there, but it sure does have me thinking... can you imagine? a monthly break that occurs every year? no really. imagine with me for a moment. )

So with that, I bid adieu. For the next several weeks (no exact dates set in stone, this is a fluid hiatus don'tcha know ... although I do have a 'time line' in mind but it wouldn't be fair to share that now would it? ;) ), a digital hiatus will ensue. I will still check the comments here (& reply if you are interested in joining me - I'm kinda interested to see if anyone else is going through something similar?) for the next little while. Email will be few & far between (aside from my September/October clients who are coming fast & furious). Facebook will see a nice break. And yes, even twitter (although I may check in for news on a semi-weekly basis ... we'll see ... no promises there). I am taking a big deep breath & off to enjoy life not attached to digital bells, whistles & dings.

Is it strange that it makes me strangely happy - dare I say excited, like I'm headed out on a new adventure? It now feels like life without the digtal age is the last frontier. So while I'm not quite going Oprah & Gail's homesteading route (that's what they did, right?), I still feel like I'm 'backwoodsing' it. Stepping off the beaten path. And tending to this growing garden. My own secret garden.

I need to go into Savasana. I need to rest - to relish & integrate the work, change - step into the world & breathe in the amazing life changes that have taken place. I need to "Let the Newness Root." as she so eloquently says.

I seriously can't wait. I want the newness to take root. I want to relish the routine. I want ... to live the miracles that are taking place.

See you in October!