the new MachC Photography blogsite

Huh? Wait a sec ... what was that ...


Aaaaah yes. By now you've caught on ;) the emails, tweets & facebook messages are starting to trickle in ... perhaps you've seen this

... go ahead ... click on the link ... I'll wait ....


I KNOW!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!! Yes, I am the crazy person who has twins & at a mere weeks old says, hey, I know, I think it's about time to redo my blog. (!) Yes. That's me. And I hope you love it!!! Judging from the messages that are already coming in ... I think the verdict is in & fans, friends & clients are happy! But maybe you'll share that for yourself?

(Yep, don't forget to read the end of this post. That's where the juicy stuff is. Including a giveaway ;) )

So let me share with you a few of the wonderful updates, tools & tricks of the trade.

To the left of that check mark is where you'll find all the navigation tools you'll ever need!

Click on anything you'd like & voila! No matter where you go, there you are. And you can get back to any page you'd like, no questions asked. (There's also a handy-dandy search function - did you see that? Give it a whirl!)

Just under that, but above the 'Welcome!' are the social networking buttons & RSS Feed.

What's an RSS Feed you ask? Click it. Use your dropdown menu item of choice ... and now, you are subscribed to the blog. Easy-peasy. Anytime I update, you get updates. I know. If you haven't been using it yet, prepare to be amazed. ;)

A friend (& client that I've had a blast with doing the baby plan - think I need to nudge her to start another ;) ) just messaged me this: Second, I love the new blog, it is soooo great and looks awesome. What a cool way to show a quick glance at your posts than with those thumbnails!!

Enough said, right ;) one of the reasons I love this set up so much. It's almost magazine-like in its nature. I love that! Articles, posts, thumbnails at a glance.

The "Applause" link.

I haven't always been the greatest about writing down the wonderful things you all say ... until recently. I have to admit, I got two reviews (raves) in particular ... one, I just couldn't stop smiling ... the other ... I cried. I had a moment of realization. It was so nice to know that you guys 'get it'. I love what I do & I love sharing that with your family even more.

If you want to check out what people are saying, just head over there. ;)


Updating all of this has been SUCH a labor of love. And no doubt not an 'easy' task to accomplish at this point in the game ... but it was something that needed to be done. I've grown. My business has grown. MachC Photography is what it is because of you and I am so happy to reflect even more of that in my web presence & blog space. You guys rock!


NOW for the nitty-gritty ... there is a ton more to share, a ton more to blog, lots going on behind the scenes ... so updates will be looming ... but for now, 3 things:

    1. Sponsor & Advertising info is here! Get the 411 by signing up here:

you know what this blog is about! If you feel your business is a good fit & you'd like to know more, sign up & we'll chat!

2. I have aaaahhhhmazing new bags I want to share with you! One lucky reader will win one this week!!!

3. But before I get to that ... who's ready for a MachC class?! Yep, sign ups for that are here too! You've asked, you've sent emails, you've talked to me in person ... if you've been chompin' at the bit to photograph your kids a little better in the moment ... if you're a busy mom (or dad ;) ) & you just want to have some fun learning to capture the every day with your kids ... this class is for you! Be the first to sign up & be the first to receive info & discounts when the class starts in no-time flat! (PS, you don't just have to be here in Fairbanks - or Alaska ;) - to take this class ;) )

Back to that giveaway, shall we?

Leave a comment here (ohyeah, check that out too!) & tell me - and all the other blog readers - what your favorite thing is about the new blog! Want another chance to win? Tell me your favorite MachC Moment! Yep, think back to your photo session & tell me what you loved about it ... & if you haven't had one yet, tell us about your favorite MachC photograph! That's two chances to win! All comments must be left here on the blog ... I'll come back later in the week & draw a winner. One of *you* is going to be the first to get the new MachC bags & they are saaaweeet! If I do say so myself ;)

Lots more lined up! Babies have been born ... more sessions have been photographed ... a ton of families have been enjoying summer & making the most of it, how 'bout you? :)