more cousins

... of the 'my cousin's kids' kind. Her older two & my older two are all age-wise grouped right together. Same with Mariah's sister, Kluane & her middle and youngest. I love having all of our kids around the same age. We don't get to see each other often living in different states, but it's always so nice when we do. Mariah & her husband graciously let us invade their home on our way back from North Carolina. We stopped in Seattle for a brief 48 hours or so back in June & stayed in their camper with our two youngest boys (aka 'the twins' ;) ). I snuck outside with Mariah's two for a quick minute while she watched the babies & Mr. MachC ran off to get us all some coffee drinks.


It was definitely worth it for these brother shots. ;)

(Have to say they were a breeze to photograph. You'd think we'd all spent years together ... not that they hadn't seen me in OVER a year.  Or maybe you'd think that I have a lot of boys & 'get' how they work ... that might be a possibility ;) maybe ... )