good reads ... & thank you ...

It's not often that I get a moment to thank you ... those of you that link here to the blog, to share your love of photography, to share our story, to come back again & again - maybe to visit, maybe to comment in the process ... so I need you to know that I 'see' you & want to validate your presence. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, even when times are busy & hectic. Thank you for taking the time to silently share in my world. (And in case you didn't know, I do love comments ;) & hellos, so please feel free to break out & say hi every now & again, it would make my day.)  

In the meantime ... some reads across the blogging world that have caught my eye ... what have you read lately worth sharing?

* Perspective, from Gigi ... "I am mothering four young children who someday will ..."

* From Stacey about Bedtime at our House: "Parents, remember that now is your opportunity. You may feel yourself harassed as you struggle through the day with children, but you are living the happiest, most golden years of your life. As you tuck them into their beds at night, please be kind ..."

* It doesn't equal happy. Choosing joy. Choose happiness.

* Love these snippets on finding joy in motherhood. #3 totally made me smile :) I say that all the time, that I am the perfect mother for the children that were given to me. There's a reason they are yours. There's a reason you were meant to be theirs. Trust that you are the perfect mother for your child. It's the truth.

Live on purpose. Live with purpose. Live your purpose. | Ralph Marston

Love that. Think about it.

Enjoy your weekend! Enjoy your Joy.