Fresh Friday Five: The Bride, Local TV ad, Adoption Ringing & More

If you're new here, welcome. This is Fresh Friday Five aka Five on Friday ;) She asked me if I could get her in a magazine ad. And while I explained as best I could about the family I did photograph for a magazine & how I would try to pull a few strings but ... would she settle for blog fame? She said she would. I hope you'll indulge us a little & throw a little blog fame her way ;)


*footnote: her mama & I went to jr. high together - but didn't know that, or at least put it together, until many (many) years & kids down the road later ... funny how life let's you bump into your past, don'tcha think? ;)


Five on Friday.

1. Looove this from my Skinny Artist friend Drew ~ turning off & tuning out. I see this burnout happening all the time (especially in my industry, especially with those of us who are running our own businesses). There is SO MUCH input. ALL.THE.TIME. Social Media is a great thing, but when it comes at the expense of ... is it too much? I've had friends who have deleted their Facebook accounts (oh the shock! the horror!) as recent as this spring/summer & others who've 'gone on sabbatical' just to get a break. What do you do? Do you ever step away from the 'neediness' of social media?

2. The Bride who was happy to learn she was not going to a retirement party ... as you wish. You'll want to watch. (She may swear a few times at the start ... but then again, wouldn't you? ;) ) "You're married!" - "I know!" All I ever knew, only you.

3. Behind the scenes filming with Neumuth Advertising & their Mt. McKinley Bank Kids Weather Program. Next time guys, I'm gonna ask for at least a few sound bites, c'mon now ;). Many, many years ago I chatted with the Head Honcho himself (do you remember that, Steve?). Another life, pre-kids ... but he told me if I ever wanted to do some on-camera hosting/ad work, just let him know. (I think it was the smile, he said, ha! Flattering for sure, but totally made me laugh. I can only imagine!)

4. Love this thought-provoking post on the "call or conversion" to adopt. I haven't had a chance to click through all her links yet & read the original articles/thoughts that prompted this post, but I, too, have always felt sensitive to the "call" language. Loved what her friend wrote, "You don’t sit around and pray for a call to parenthood. You start opening up your life to the possibility of this radical vulnerability of your time, finances, love, and emotions. You pray for conversion to welcome any kind of life because we have absolutely no idea what we are getting ourselves into. You work to make a life of welcome." It's interesting how I read this literally weeks (months?) after I wrote my own words on opening up our life & welcoming possibility. When you open up your life to what life (God, the Universe) has in store for you, that is when you are truly living the life you were meant to live. I also like how she mentioned "the fear of finances creeping in"; fear can hold you back, even when you should be moving forward.

5. Finally, check out these American Apparel kids ... we're huge fans of little breakdancers here ... it's our new thang ;)

Directed by Tony Kelly for American Apparel from Tony Kelly Photography on Vimeo.

Hope you're out enjoying this gorgeous weather!

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Happy Friday y'all ;)