And then we turned the page & began the next chapter.

I'm writing this as my images upload from my card after being out with the boy for his "Kindergarten photo shoot" - it's a new thing we've implemented (& apparently hyped up so much that little sister now wants her own "just starting pre-school photo shoot" - who knew! I should employ this tactic more often). As I sit here watching the images pop up, reminiscing about our 'date' tonight I can't help but reflect on the one image at the end that says it all. That spoke to my heart, even in the moment ... I knew ... I knew we were crossing that threshold from baby, my baby, into a child - a grown child full of love, personality, spunk & empathy. He asked to go here. This was his special request, 'you know, that big mud puddle' said with emphasis. I'm either crazy or want to be the favorite *wink, wink* as by the time our 'photo shoot' was done, he was soaked, but beaming & happy.

Me too.



I looked up as we were walking toward the car & saw it ... that moment

He's not really my baby anymore ... this big kid, coming toward me ... he's not a baby at all.

No one ever told me the next chapter would start so soon.


Here's to the road less traveled.

Here we go ... turning the page ...