'you know I'm bound ... I'm bound to thank you for it'

For all of the emails, facebook messages, texts and in-person mentions, thank you. So many of you have stopped by the Co-Op to see the display - family, friends, clients, colleagues - all of you. And I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. It means a ton to me that I saw so many of you at the First Friday Reception and knowing that a bunch more have taken time out of their day to stop by & see the display in person over at the Co-Op these past few weeks. It will be up for about two more weeks, so feel free to stop by if you haven't already. We also got yet another meal dropped off with us last week, which was a huge blessing in disguise (thank you, Katy).

We are truly so very blessed.

I want to thank you For so many gifts You gave with love and tenderness I want to thank you

I want to thank you For your generosity The love and the honesty That you gave me

I want to thank you Show my gratitude My love and my respect for you I want to thank you

And just for fun ...


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