The best of the best. Baby gear in 2011.

I think anytime you have more than one kiddo, especially if there is any spacing what-so-ever, you become more & more amazed with how quickly gadgets change, things improve & you think, 'how did I live without this before now?!' So why not a quick little post on some new favorites? :) Without a doubt we love the SwaddleMe wraps. With.Out.A.Doubt. Three+ years ago, those did not exist. We were still living in the dark ages of swaddling ... on. our. own. gulp. ;) These literally take out the guesswork. (Although in the hospital we still had the regular blankets & daddy was Swaddle King.)

Twins = a boppy for each. Just a given. You don't need two of everything - but this is a must.

MealBaby. A gift from my friend. Such a wonderful way to have meals set up for you, without you having to manage anything. (They just need to add 'delivery times' to the calendar.) Such a cool concept.

Snap n' Go Stroller. The life of the party! I'm telling ya, those of us who haven't had kids in a few years drooooool over this one. It's SO EASY. And so convenient! You can't beat those qualities in a stroller! And yes, they have them for twins. (& triplets too, confirmed by the lady at the counter who has 3 triples of her own.)

We also happen to really love our Moby Wraps. We got ours locally through Blueberry Baby. When I was there they had quite a few colors to choose from & the employee that was working that day also has twins, which made it even more fun to chat about the pluses of wraps, slings & carriers with multiples.

Of course the BEST thing about  baby gear in 2011 ... is having a big kid 5yo helper ;) I'd highly recommend one of those too.

Mr. A. creeping up on 5 weeks here.

Mr. O. basking in the glow of the early days (around Day 16).