Fun from the Interwebs.

1. Does anyone have a farm? Or is friends with a neighbor with a farm? I'm on the prowl. :)

2. For the photogs among us: Rachel & The Hasselblad. Ilford & Porta included.

3. Questions, questions. You have kids. You have stories. And answers. And yes, we did have typewriters growing up. (True story: just explained that one to the 5yo ... as in, he saw a typewriter - you know the ones that came with their own carrying case? - at an estate sale & I explained to him what it was & what it was used for. Such a different world we live in today.)

4. Wishing I could get their new show, but it's not on iTunes yet. C'est la vie. Love that open floor plan.

5. I should not make any promises, but I know that if you pray, somewhere in this world -- something good will happen.  | Hafiz