It's so amazing.

It's amazing that a month has already passed us by. Four weeks ago today you were born (the collective you ;) ). Four weeks to the day on Saturday, we celebrated your birth & hopped on a plane only to fly many, many uncharted miles to reach you. We crossed several time zones & left the (dry) 80s to arrive in the humid 90s. We left the Land of the Midnight Sun (with the sun barely still shining) to arrive in the evening that turned to nightfall by the time we were on the road to you.

28 days ago today, we held you for the first time.

Here is what the past 28 Days have looked like.

Things we are grateful for:


Surprise visits from my sisters (their aunties) & my little nephew.

Surprise birthday parties (for one auntie that surprised us ;) ).

Home cooked meals. Dropped off at our door for a week straight. With a few more still scattered along the horizon. (Thank you.)

Getting through our first week home with two sick Bigs (an ear infection for the girl & 5-days straight of 100+ fever for the boy).  (We made it!)

Seeing lots of family & friends.

Seeing some of you out & about ... and you stop to say hi, see the babies & tell us congratulations (this means so much to me, thank you).

Unexpected gifts in the mail.

Double of a lot of things.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.