Sweet, Adorable, Handsome Mr. Aidan

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the name Aidan. It's Gaelic meaning "fire", but also has the history of coming from a 7th century bishop that was noted for his kindness & generosity & then there was a Saint Aidan who established a monastery of Lindisfarne, which was known as one of the great learning centers of its time. I think this Aidan here, fits his name perfectly: kind, gentle, interested in learning and yes, a bit of a spit-fire too. He is all this & so much more. More importantly the apple of his mama's eye. (Daddy's too, no doubt, who made sure to ever-so-gently place him in his stroller & cover him up every time we took a short stroll.) Some of you may even recognize Mr. Aidan ... okay, who am I kidding? a lot of you probably recognize Aidan after all the votes he got! (133 votes later!) Yes, Aidan is our "My Cute Kid!" Contest Winner! And believe me, every vote was worth it for this little one! What many of you may not know about Aidan's story is how long his mom & dad waited for him. For fourteen years, it was just the two of them. And now their little world of two is one of three. His mom told me he is the center of their Universe and I can fully attest that this is true. They would go to the ends of this Earth for you, Aidan. No one loves you more ... but I think you already know that *smile*

I will say here that we told him he was not allowed to eat leaves. *Ahem* I think he told us what he thought of that ;)  & seriously, does mom know how to make him laugh or what?! I love his total giddiness over this game that they play.

"My heart explodes every time my little boy smiles." -Mom

Well it's hard not to blame her on that one. ;)

Thank you, Aidan & family - this has meant more to me than you'll ever know! I can't wait to watch him grow over the coming years. You two are amazing parents!


And now I'm off to get some more work done & enjoy some family time.

I hope you'll do the same.

Happy Weekend!


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