Mr. Declan

His parents were (are) so very sweet and came from a previous client who is in their same unit. (Or used to be, they've since moved on to their next assignment. And hopefully no one is laughing at me at my inter-changeable lingo here ;) every branch is just a bit different and well, I have clients from all walks of life: Air Force, Army, Reserves, Air Guard, you name it. And I sincerely hope they all know how much we appreciate them!) I wanted to show a few more from Declan's session. I know the last time Declan's mom & I chatted she was getting ready for more visitors (he's been a very lucky little man, everyone has been up to visit him so far!) and they were planning on spending the weekend making frames. Yes, hand-made frames. Wow! I cannot wait to see those! We'll have to convince Amy to send us a few snapshots to share ;)

In the meantime, I hope this will tide the rest of you over. ;)

He was so very tiny. And so very sweet. ♥


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