Fun Baby Finds

I had to share this real quick with you guys. A touch screen baby monitor!

How cool is that! It's come up a few times at recent baby sessions, so I thought I would post the information here. "Pan, scan & zoom" and two way audio - seriously? Seriously! Isn't technology amazing? I can totally see this being the next new thing among parents.

May have to get this one for the big kids. Hours of fun. HOURS. I am sure of it. :)

So excited to be enjoying some more spring & summer-like activities, soon.

And this great find! Another 'must have' suggestion from a fantastic friend. I'm pretty sure we need two of these.


Too funny huh ;) saw this beautiful mama & her crew of kids recently. I love his expression here. He was actually talking to me (talking up a storm more like it!) - but it kind of looks like he's going, "aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!" something we know nothing about, right? ;)

I was finally able to meet the last kiddo of the crew (he's been elusive ;) ) ... he totally reminds me of this one

just more freckles & blue eyes. (And he's older. I am sure he would want me to include that. He's older & bigger.)

For this mama, 7 is most definitely her lucky number.


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