And I said 'hey, what's goin' on!'

What I've been reading & seeing: PLUM - a netflix for baby clothes (we seriously may have to give this a whirl)

Seriously cute little teethers from Tweet Baby Designs.

One of my friends did this

to her room. Seriously impressed! I thought about it for maybe a total of 5 minutes when I first saw this a while back & then thought better of it so now I just get to live vicariously through her ;) & I still only spent 5 minutes on it! score. She continually amazes me with all that she does.

Another of my friends who is amazing-beyond-amazing just accomplished this little ditty. Cross it off the list! She continues to inspire me in so many ways!

And don't forget! Next week is Bike to Work Week! Sign up & win prizes (you may recognize a sponsor over there! ;) )!


Aaaaaand end scene. Aaaaaaand breathe.

Back to regularly scheduled programming next week. SO many sneak peeks to share! So many sessions I really haven't even had a chance to blog about yet, it's driving my blogging mind mad! Must do.

In other news: does anyone else feel like Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick on us? Since when is May this cold, brown & windy? I don't think we're in Fairbanks, Alaska anymore Toto.


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