"A house is not a home without the love of the people in it."

Would you believe that the mom of this family, Susan, originally contacted me back in May of last year? May 21st to be exact, so it only seems fitting that after much planning & timing and coordinating efforts, she was able to have the family session she dreamed of just recently, in May of this year. I love it when the stars align like that. I mean really, could it be any more perfect. I love how Susan told me about each person in the family, her love for them, how John makes her laugh even when she doesn't want to, how she's grown to love him even more as he gracefully went from 'her husband' to a loving father & dad to their children. At 2.5 Koen literally lit up the screen! I don't know another little one so eager, so excited, so happy (especially since we chose to have a later evening session & get that beautiful golden light). He literally laughed with a glimmer of love in his eyes. And little Egan at 9 months gave me sly smiles and raised eyebrows, wanting nothing more than to be close to his mommy (she even told me, "His favorite toy is me!" haha!).

We beat the rain and were able to have a beautiful session literally just a mere day before the crazy forest fires. Susan had a moment of deja-vu and then, just as quickly as we had started, our session was complete with stories of fuel-reloading from the field and a beautiful baby gift for the twins that I absolutely cannot wait to show you all. Susan, John & family, thank you so much for a wonderful session. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Enjoy your preview ...


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