Reading & Then Some.

What I've been reading & watching as of late: Love these ideas on hanging your kid's artwork here & here. I have a friend (& client) who is working on a very similar project - so maybe this will give her a few more ideas ;)  (me too - I'm having the same semi-dilemma at my place & well, seriously who can resist the antiquing step-by-step, I may have to try that out in my spare time ;) ).

From Jessica (whom I've had the pleasure of connecting with an an adoption level) in regards to "big fancy cameras" & why the 'every day user' (read = non-professional) gets frustrated:

1. Our cameras, specifically the big, bulky expensive ones, are totally deceiving. People have been fooled into thinking that the more you spend on a camera the better your pictures will be. It’s actually quite the opposite. I tell people all the time that if you want to take pictures of your crazy toddler running in circles buy a good point&shoot, set it on auto and pray for the best. DSLRs, although they have the option, are not made to be used on auto. For any of you who have once been there you know. Your pictures sucked. They’re made to be shot on manual and for their settings to be …. well, used. Changing 3-8 settings while a toddler runs around can get tricky.

Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately (& I blame it all on Andre Agassi - I swear it started with him & the Rebel! lol) there is advertising out there that really does make it seem that these consumer level DSLRs are the end all be all and will fix everything for you, including producing gorgeous (frame-worthy) images of your toddler. Jess hit the nail on the head on this one.

And this, the Grateful/365 Project, something near & dear to my own heart as I have been working on my own project (now in the 200s). from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

What are you grateful for?