Happy Easter

I thought these seemed rather fitting for the occasion ;) . My friend brought them by. Homemade goodies (yummy). I'm pretty sure she had no idea that I would be inspired by them, let alone style & photograph them. I guess those are the risks you take when your friend is a photographer ;) haha. Today was absolutely wonderful. Exhausting, but wonderful. The Walk was incredible & so many times it was said over & over again how wonderful Fairbanks is & what a great community we live in. So very true.

And now, Easter is upon us. In some ways hard to believe (it seems like we really just started the year) yet, with the trickle down, late start to Spring & the late date of Easter & Easter weekend this year, it seems about time.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, full of love, joy, happiness, togetherness & family. So many of my families are celebrating their 1st Easter this year. I am so happy & excited for all of you. The first of many.

Happy Easter.


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