Step in Time, Step in Time!

So much is going on behind-the-scenes right now (including some new Mary Poppins fans! ;) too bad we have yet to see the whole thing ... Apple actually ended up refunding our purchase because the download never completed - isn't that strange?! I didn't even know that could happen!). I had to giggle when I came across this today - so funny! Totally makes me think of making my own baby sister (& my own kids) laugh at the funniest things or sometimes the not-really-funny-things that make them laugh hysterically ;) ha!

Cute huh :)

Love hearing your thoughts over on Facebook! It's fun to hear where you guys like to decorate with photos.

I've been so busy that the Facebook chatter reminded me of my guest post over on My Crazy Adoption from back in February.

Nothing will give you greater joy and fill your room with instant love than hanging photographs of those you love in the space you spend your time.

You know how much I love seeing the "final shot" of what you guys end up doing in your home! If you have a snapshot you want to share or you want me to stop by & photograph your MachC Walls, let me know!

In other news, my mentoring schedule and shooting schedule is filling up! Let me know if you need in!